Cum Laude Music Awards


The value of the award is up to 30,000 € investment in the dissemination of the winning works. The prize is a full program of international promotion of the winning works through his performance in concert halls world-class with renowned interpreters. In addition, a CD Audio will be recorded provided that there is established in the point No.9 of Prize Rules section is accomplish. The recording will feature an international broadcast campaign between broadcasters and print media.

The premiere or performance of the work will be videotaped, additionally, for submission to be broadcasted by Spanish Radio Television. Each winning author will also receive 50 copies of the recording. The distribution of the recording in the United States and Canada will be made through Naxos of America and Europe through Semele Music Projects. The recording will be distributed on digital download stores both high resolution and generic stores too.


José Luis Temes.
Spanish National Music Prize 2008

Juan Carlos Garvayo.
Spanish National Music Price 2013 (with Trío Arbós)

Javier Monteverde.
CEO of Cezanne Producciones Recording Studio

Jorge Grundman.
CEO of Non Profit Music Foundation

Musicians and collaborators of Non Profit Music Foundation

Prize Rules

01. The winning works will be premiered or performed by renowned artists as those who regularly collaborate with Non Profit Music Foundation. Among the list of artists who have worked with us for over ten years we can find the Trio Arbós, Brodsky Quartet, Ara Malikian, Daniel del Pino, Ludmil Angelov and many other renowned. Depending on the winning works the artists who will perform both the concert and recording will be selected. The mention some of the artists who have worked with us does not imply the availability of them for the realization of the prize.

02. The winning works will be performed in a prestige hall in Madrid ilike Chamber Hall of the National Auditorium, the Auditorium of the Palacio de Cibeles, the Conde Duque Auditorium, choosing the most appropriate for the moment.

03. The performance of the winning works will be recorded for submission to television broadcasting through Spanish Radio Television, although them reserves the fact to choose them and/or broadcast on the date it deems appropriate.

04. Whenever all the winning works last more than 50 minutes and less than 73 minutes program, such works will be recorded in studio and published in CD or DSD format and surround sound in high-resolution distributed internationally if its necessary.

05. The works that are recorded will have a similar distribution and international presence to those who have had publicated the Non Profit Music Foundation. Physical and digital distribution in the US and Canada will be made through Naxos of America. The distribution in Europe will take place through Semele.

06. The dissemination of works awarded to radio and press will be held through Phoenix Classical, Wildkat PR and Promosapiens.

07. All winning works will receive the award for Best Classical Contemporay Work with the distinction of the selected instrumentation. Thus a winning work for Piano Trio receive the name Best Classical Contemporary Work for Piano Trio.

08. Of all the winning works a unique work will be selected to honor its composer with the Composer Cum Laude certification.

09. If the works submitted did not meet the right quality that the jury deems, or the number of participants did not allow the economic sustainability of the contest, the prize may be forfeited.

10. If there is a winning work, Composer Cum Laude distinction can not be decladred void.

11. The performances and recordings of the winning works will be scheduled between 2019 and 2020.

12. The finalists will be announced during March 2019.

13. The awards will be announced in April 2019

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Cum Laude Music Awards

Premiering, Performing, Recording and Broadcasting New Music for a New Audience