Cum Laude Music Awards


Any possible combination that includes up to 10 parts. It can be present works for a single instrument alone but not for voice a capella. As an example we could cite:

          Piano Trio
          String Quartet
          String Quartet and Soprano
          String Trio
          Viola and Piano
          Piano Quintet
          String Quartet and Choir
          String Quartet Amplified
          Choir and Piano

Inscription Rules

01. Can participate composers of any age but over 18 years and of any nationality irrespective of their place of residence and any publisher who has the publishing rights of a composer.

02. The works can not be longer than 20 minutes, or less than 3 minutes.

03. The work may have been performed and / or recorded previously, but never released in Spain.

04. There is a registration fee for each work a composer present to this contest of $50 / 45€ to be paid online through PayPal or bank wire transfer.

05. Of each registered work it must be provided a single PDF containing the full score and particellas, and a MP3 audio file containing either a recording of a performance or a simulation performed in MIDI instruments. All contact details for the composer, a biography of 250 words maximum, a color photograph high resolution and an email address is also needed. All this material will be sent through the website page that the Non Profit Music Foundation will enable the composer once the registration amount paid.

06. Each composer or publisher can submit unlimited works provided are appropriate to the template shown below. The material submitted for registration will not be returned to the author and will be destroyed except after the winning works for dissemination. When submitting a work the composer explicitly recognizes that owns the copyright and exploit rights and accept no liability to the Non Profit Music Foundation for the use of the work.

07. The composers or publishers of the winning works will transfer their rights for free for the music recording, performance, premiere, broadcast television and image rights subject to copyright arising from the concepts of public performance and mechanical reproduction which will be controlled by the General Society of Authors of Spain and they will get through it in their respective management copyright entities of their respective countries.

08. The works that sign must have the intention of getting a new audience for classical music in a way that stimulates the creation of new audiences for it. To this end each entry will have digital access to a recording published by Non Profit Music Foundation that brings together such intention.

09. The languages ​​for vocal music should be among the following: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin.

10. The deadline for registration is February 28th / 2019.

11 In no case will the registration fee be refunded. Once payment has been made it is understood that all rules are understood and accepted. If in doubt, please use the contact form before registering. The accepted languages for communication are Spanish and English.

12. No one connected with this institution or with the jury can participate.


The Non Profit Music Foundation will receive the registered works by composers with all rights necessary for take out the Cum Laude Music Award.

Non Profit Music Foundation will not pay financial compensation under any circumstances whatsoever for the use of works that the authors enrolled in the contest.

In any case the companies mentioned Naxos of America, Semele Music Projects, Phoenix Classical, Wildkat PR or Promosapiens are sponsors of the prize. They are cited here with the commitment that the Non Profit Music Foundation will hire them to ensure the dissemination of the winning works in the Cum Laude Music Award only with their hiring limited by section 9 of the prize rules.

In any case the Non Profit Music Foundation guarantees that Spanish Radio Television is obliged to videotaping and subsequent broadcasting of all and each of the winning works.

Cum Laude Music Awards

Premiering, Performing, Recording and Broadcasting New Music for a New Audience