Cum Laude Music Awards


There are two ways to registrate a work: through PayPal and through Bank Wire Transfer. Through PayPal and after the payment, PayPal will inform us and then we will send you the procedure to do it. Through bank wire transfer you need to send to us a receipt by email and then we will send you the procedure to do it. The deadline for registration is July 31, 2021.

PayPal Registration

By clicking on the button below you will be able to submit the fee for the registration through PayPal. After the payment is made, PayPal will inform us about your transaction ID and we will let you know it.  You will need to use it during the inscription process. Do not worry about this ID if you forgot to take note, PayPal will send you an email after the transaction with this information included.

Bank Wire Transfer Registration

Keep on mind that if you use Bank Wire Transfer you must send to us the bank receipt to us. Just when we see the income in our account we will provide you a transaction ID number in order to use it during the inscription proccess. In addition be careful with the additional fees your bank can charge you for the wire transfer. Remember the registration fee is 45 € free of any charges.

To inscribe the work send 45 € with subject "CL Music Award Inscription" to the following bank account of Sabadell Bank in Madrid you see below. Then send the receipt to

ES27 0081 1381 0600 0117 4626


Cum Laude Music Awards

Premiering, Performing, Recording and Broadcasting New Music for a New Audience