II Cum Laude Music Awards
Interntational Consonant Chamber Music Composition Contest

Prize and Rules

2018-2019. II Edition

The value of the award is up to 30,000 € investment in the dissemination of the winning works. The prize is a full program of international promotion of the winning works through his performance in concert halls world-class with renowned interpreters. In addition, a CD Audio will be recorded provided that there is established in the point No.9 of Prize Rules section is accomplish. The recording will feature an international broadcast campaign between broadcasters and print media. The premiere or performance of the work ...

Works Awarded

2016-2017. I Edition

With more than one hundred works participating from almost one hundred countries, the jury resolution have been very dificult due the high quality of every work inscribed. The variety, the quantity and the procedence of these compositions have demostrated that consonant music - the music which puts in consonance composer, performer and the audience - is now more than a trend isolated in the contemporary music but a reality inside all nowadays composition languages.

The CD In Crescendo contains the works awarded in this...
2018-2019 Inscription Open
Cum Laude Music Awards
Any country
Can participate composers of any age but over 18 years and of any nationality irrespective of their place of residence.
Chamber Music
The chamber composition includes any possible combination of instruments, musicians and voice up to 10 parts
Online inscription
A PDF containing the full score and parts, a mp3 audio file and a PDF file with the biography of the composer.

Cum Laude Music Awards

Premiering, Performing, Recording and Broadcasting New Music for a New Audience

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