Cum Laude Music Awards
International Consonant Chamber Music Composition Contest

2022-2023 Registration Open for the IV Edition
Registration ends on July 31. There are still ...
Works Awarded. 2020-2021. III Edition
Composer Cum Laude and Best Work for Piano Trio
Andrea Montalbano, Italy
La camera incantata for Violin, Cello and Piano

Best Work for Clarinet Trio
Oliver Caplan, USA
In the Direction of Dreams for Clarinet, Cello and Piano

Best Work for Viola and Piano
Daniele Di Virgilio, Italy
Canti Della Nostalgia for Viola and Piano
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The Non Profit Music Foundation has among its activities the promotion of classical contemporary consonant music, if we can still call it classical. Since 2003 we have promoted this kind of music and have always had the need to clarify what consonant means.

We call consonant music all the written music that brings together the composer, the performers and the audience. It's simple: a composer writes the work, a performer reads it and the audience understands it.

It is precisely the absence of consonant music in the programming of the concert halls that has caused the majority of the audience to leave these halls. Our purpose is the opposite. Get them back. That's why the motto of the Cum Laude Music Awards is to premiere, perform, record and broadcast new works to a new audience.
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New Releases
Dressing the Silence
Dressing the Silence

III Edition of CLMA Awards

Whispering Colors
Whispering Colors

II Edition of CLMA Awards

In Crescendo
In Crescendo

I Edition of CLMA Awards

Any country
Can participate composers of any age but over 18 years and of any nationality irrespective of their place of residence.
Chamber Music
The chamber composition includes any possible combination of instruments, musicians and voice up to 10 parts
Online registration
A PDF containing the full score and parts, a mp3 audio file and a PDF file with the biography of the composer.

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Cum Laude Music Awards
Premiering, Performing, Recording and Broadcasting New Music for a New Audience