Works Awarded
Cum Laude Music Awards 2018-2019. II Edition

2018-2019. II Edition

In this edition there was near one hundred works participating from almost one hundred countries, the jury resolution have been very dificult due the high quality of every work inscribed. The variety, the quantity and the procedence of these compositions continue demostrating that consonant music - the music which puts in consonance composer, performer and the audience - is now more than a trend isolated in the contemporary music but a reality inside all nowadays composition languages.
Composer Cum Laude and Best Work for String Quartet
Gordon Kennedy, United Kingdom
Requiem for Discourse for String Quartet

Best Work for String Quintet
Jesse Voogt, USA
Discomposed String Quintet from Songs & Skirmishes for Strings

Best Work for Piano Quintet
Liliane Lustosa Secco, Brasil
Gipsy Spell for Piano Quintet
Gordon Kennedy
Composer Cum Laude and Best Contemporary Work for String Quartet
Gordon Kennedy is a composer and writer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

He works primarily with choral, strings and electronic forms, and is also one half of avant sound art duo The Cray Twins -

He is interested in making electronic instruments from the natural landscape and bringing their sounds together into new, composed landscapes: "from the wind & the waves, traffic & machinery, birds' wings & human voices." His aim is to rejuvenate classical forms by
combining them with modern instrumentation, and thus bring them fresh to new audiences.
Jesse Voogt
Best Contemporary Work for String Quintet
Jesse Voogt is a composer who spent his early childhood in Aruba and the Netherlands, but has since lived in the USA.  He studied music composition for a year at the ArtEZ conservatoire in the charming city of Zwolle, the Netherlands.  Primarily a violinist, much of his work involves stringed instruments, starting with the Sinfonia he wrote for his high school string orchestra. 

His music ranges from works for solo piano, solo violin, and solo guitar to works for a full orchestra, and while it is often neo-Romantic, sometimes neo-Baroque, and occasionally pop-classical, his music is always driven by a strong sense of melody.  Besides music, he also studied computer science, has a degree in architecture, and has built a career as a web developer - but while he has many interests, creating music is his constant and true passion.
Liliane Lustosa Secco
Best Contemporary Work for Piano Quintet
Liliane Secco is a composer and piano player born and resident in Brazil.

She graduated in classical piano from the National School of Music in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 18. Later she moved to the United States and graduated Summa Cum Laude in Composition from Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts.

Liliane Secco has worked with many well known artists in Brazil and her work is very present in the musical theater scene as a composer, music director, piano player, orchestrator and conductor. She has been nominated for many national awards and became a three time winner of the Shell Theater Prize in the Best Music category.

She has also developed a career in television and films as a composer and music producer. In television besides composing she has been the director of the academy for the brazilian version of the tv program "Operación Triunfo", which was called "Fama" in Brazil.

Cum Laude Music Awards

Premiering, Performing, Recording and Broadcasting New Music for a New Audience